Danielle Fite

Ever have a book pass through your hands that you can't help but sneak a peek to read? When Barb Chubbuck dropped a copy of her book, 'Strength Beyond Measure' by my office to a coworker I had this experience. Needless to say I borrowed and finished the book that night. Though I never had the chance to meet Barb's son Joseph Michael I am honored to know his story and help his legacy live on. If you want to see exemplified the true meaning of love, the stregth of the human mind, and the bond of family The Chubbuck Family represent all of this. With his family by his side Joseph Muchael endured a 16 month battle with aggressive cancer. Joseph Michael passed away at a young age but cancer did not beat him. He is living on in many ways one of which being the JM Chubbuck Foundation in his honor. To be a part of the Boilermaker road race is always awesome. To be able to run for a cause this year is amazing