Tony Kapps

I am running for the Team Joseph Michael Foundation because to me this Foundation is family. I knew Joey growing up and remember him for the joyous laugh he always had. Being close in age with his sister, it gave me 2 friends that I could hang out and play with. The family always made me feel welcome. When he passed and wanted the Foundation created in his name, I never hesitated to want to try to support them. I don't live around the corner anymore so when given the opportunity, like this, I don't pass on it. This Foundation helps those families whose members are going through cancer by helping provide that family support and keeping them close together during a hard time. Everyone has known someone in their life who has suffered from cancer and to be able to help and support families like the Foundation does, is what is most important. It was an honor to be asked to run for Team Joseph Michael because every time I have run a race since Joey passed, I feel like Joey is there pushing me to the end and watching over me. Keeping his memory alive and raising awareness is what it's all about in the end and that makes me proud to run for this Foundation.

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Charity Bib

The Joseph Michael Chubbuck Foundation is accepting donations for the 2018 Charity Bib program. Donations can be made online or by mail from March 27, 2018 til June 30, 2018. Online donations can be made here.