"Thank you for your assistance. Your Foundation is one of the only organizations the American Cancer Society has listed to help patients financially. I wish there were more organizations to help cancer patients with their monthly expenses because I know the need is great. Thank you again for your help!" Julie

As you’re well aware, cancer touches so many of those around us and its a beautiful tribute that you’re able to carry out your son’s wishes to help others….so God Bless you for setting up a charity to help cancer patients and their families. Jody

There is a lot of useful information on your website…it will be a blessing for people in that you provide readily available contacts. Tim

Congrats on setting up a well worthy Foundation.  Theresa

"On behalf of all cancer patients, fighters, and survivors, thank you so much for what you are doing for all of us." Bud

"Thank you so much for the check you sent. I go to chemo and I can't afford a car, so I have to take cabs everywhere. Your foundation is a wonderful help to me. God bless." Betty

"I would like to thank you all for the generous donation to help supplement the cost of travel expenses for treatment. It will be put to great use and is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the work you all continue to do and all that you stand for. " Dan

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Charity Bib

The Joseph Michael Chubbuck Foundation is accepting donations for the 2018 Charity Bib program. Donations can be made online or by mail from March 27, 2018 til June 30, 2018. Online donations can be made here.