How your Donations Help

Joey and Dad
Joey (August 2011)

Most families and patients facing cancer will endure financial hardship due to increasing medical bills along with decreasing income. Many patients have to cut back their work hours due to treatment side effects. Many caregivers have to cut back their work hours in order to care for their loved one. Making matters worse, many caregivers are single parents or grandparents living on fixed incomes.

Our Foundation helps to ease the financial burden of patients and their family’s by using donations to assist with monthly expenses (rent, utility bills, gas, treatment travel expenses, etc.). Our Foundation also donates needed equipment to charitable hospitals, Hospices, cancer centers, and treatment facilities. For example, many caregivers have slept in a chair or recliner next to their loved one in the hospital; resulting in very little, if any, rest. Our Foundation has provided sleeper chairs to hospitals and cancer centers so caregivers can get the rest they need.

All donations are used to fulfill the Mission Statement of The Joseph Michael Chubbuck Foundation, Inc.

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Charity Bib

The Joseph Michael Chubbuck Foundation is accepting donations for the 2018 Charity Bib program. Donations can be made online or by mail from March 27, 2018 til June 30, 2018. Online donations can be made here.